Places like Oklahoma City have dispensaries for medical marijuana, while other states like Michigan have complete medical and recreational legality. With different levels of legality and the likelihood that other states will follow with legalization, many questions arise. Drivers are worried that the legalization of cannabis will result in more cannabis-related DUIs. Obviously, we want drivers to be as safe as possible. So, does cannabis legalization lead to higher marijuana DUI rates?

Legalization Helps Lower Alcoholic DUI Rates

Studies say no. U.S. states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use have not seen an increase in cannabis-related accidents or DUIs. Interestingly, a Canadian public health study found that U.S. states in which marijuana is legal saw a decrease in alcohol-related accidents. Legalization seems to be helping decrease the number of car accidents related to substances in the United States as former alcohol users switch to the plant.

The Science of Detecting Cannabis Impairment

However, cannabis impairment is still possible; it’s just more complicated to determine cannabis impairment than alcohol impairment. Because marijuana stays in your blood longer than alcohol, a cannabis user wouldn’t have to be impaired while driving to still have THC in their blood. If someone consumed marijuana a few days prior to driving, they could still have the substance in their blood. Therefore, the presence of THC does not necessarily mean a driver is impaired.

Staying Safe With CBD Oil

If you’re interested in cannabis but don’t want to risk a DUI, try visiting an Oklahoma City dispensary for CBD oil. Certain cannabis products like CBD oil are legal for medical use in many states, meaning you can reap the benefits of CBD even if your state doesn’t have legal recreational cannabis. Sage Wellness, an Oklahoma City dispensary, offers CBD oil which can improve your overall health. Oklahoma City dispensaries can give you the advantages of the cannabis plant without the risk of a DUI, as CBD oil is not psychoactive. Visit Sage Wellness to explore the world of CBD and see how it can be helpful for your lifestyle.