The Rising Popularity of CBD Drinks is Grabbing Everyone’s Attention

Cannabis grows more and more mainstream with each passing year, grabbing the attention of doctors, politicians, and mega corporations all around the country. Generally the plant is associated with only one of its millions of chemical compounds: THC. However, Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been popping up at increasing rates, even working its way into markets like coffee shops.

Now, CBD drinks and snacks are nothing new. In fact, you can apply this medication in nearly every way imaginable; be it smoking/vaping, sweets, drinks, oils, and much more. But just last month The Coca Cola Company stated that is “Closely Watching” the rapidly expanding market for CBD. Could this mean that Cannabis infused products in Christmas colored cans are soon going to become a common site?

Remember, CBD and THC are two very different chemicals that have different effects on your mind and body. It’s unlikely that THC drinks will become a regular occurrence in supermarkets around the nation, but it’s non-psychoactive counterpart could reach store shelves fairly quickly.

Is CBD Oil For Anxiety Effective?

Modern studies have shown the effectiveness of CBD in treating anxiety, insomnia, and even epilepsy. The chemical has made many news headlines as a potential treatment for seizures. Primarily the drug is used as a pain reliever and anti inflammatory among athletes, those suffering from arthritis, cancer patients, and those with chronic pain such as headaches.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Since CBD is lacking the psychoactive chemical THC, the element that gives you the sensation of being high, it is more widely accepted. Today, laws around its public and medical use are becoming more relaxed. About 47 states allow the medicinal use of marijuana, but in some instances it still lies in a legal gray area. 8 of these 47 states already allow the full medicinal and recreational use of Marijuana.