Buy CBD Oil

To buy CBD oil can mean searching the internet for a trustworthy brand, or it could mean a simple trip to Sage Wellness. Sage Wellness carries three different brands of CBD oil that can help you achieve your health goals in a natural way: Charlotte’s Web by The Stanley Brothers, Mary’s Nutritionals, and their own private label brand, Sage Wellness. Each brand brings something different to the table, making them all helpful in working toward a lifestyle that includes CBD.

The three CBD oil brands we offer have so many unique products because there are many ways to use CBD. Some might think that CBD must be ingested to have an effect on the body, but this is not the case. Just some of the methods of CBD use are vaporizing, sublingual spray, capsules, topicals, and teas. We carry everything you need to find the trfeatment method that works for you.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web by The Stanley Brothers focuses on CBD oil of various intensities. Their products run from their Original Formula CBD Oil up to their Full-Strength CBD Oil and finally to their Extra Strength CBD Oil. These products all come in the form of oils but have different flavors to give variety to your treatment.

Mary’s Nutritionals

The second CBD oil brand that you can buy at Sage Wellness is Mary’s Nutritionals, a company that aims to bring relaxation and healing to as many lives as possible. Mary’s Nutritionals creates products that can help incorporate CBD into your whole lifestyle, including oils and elite compounds to help muscles.

Sage Wellness

Our own private label brand, Sage Wellness, follows the same mission as the company: promoting the healthy lifestyle that can be created with CBD products. Their brand also carries oils, which can be put in beverages or foods, or simply taken by themselves.

CBD comes in many different flavors, forms, and concentrations. There are dozens of options to choose from, so make sure you buy CBD oil from a trusted dispensary.