Meet Our Team


You may recognize Nikki as one of the Sage Team Members who happily greets you at the door. Nikki loves yoga, hiking, traveling, and believes nature is the best medicine. She says “I love working in the Cannabis industry! I have formed so many beautiful relationships here at Sage Wellness. I am so excited to see what my future here brings and I look forward to connecting with more of this community.”


Jada educates patients about CBD at Sage Wellness and makes sure each one is properly introduced into the Cannabis Market doors. The connections made with patients as they walk through the dispensary are an important part of her continuous passion in the field of medicinal cannabis. While working in cannabis she strives to educate herself on something new everyday. The most interesting fact she’s learned while in the industry is that not everyone’s reaction to cannabis is cut and dry. She enjoys the feedback received on strains and products in order to more properly inform each person. While working at Sage her favorite experiences have always been giving back to the community and supporting causes such as The Last Prisoner Project and SISU. It’s always a welcoming experience walking into Sage and seeing new and returning faces and the impact her interactions have on each one.


Amanda Stark is a cannamom through and through her involvement at Sage she expands farther than her interactions behind the bar as she strives to create enjoyable experiences for every Sage event. Her goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of cannabis as well as the harms of stigmas put on the cannabis community. Her experimentation with the plant has led her to gain some extraordinary knowledge and her favorite facts would be CBDs ability to counteract the effects of THC and that just the switch of a cannabinoid can change how your body is reacting to technically the same plant. Her love for Sage reaches deep into the roots of the Sage staff and the family atmosphere they provide. With a small staff you spend a lot of time with the same people and knowing you’re a team in and out of the store is what makes Sage more than a job.


Darius is a youthful optimist always looking for adventure and striving for more. He values family, persistence, forgiveness, perspective, friendship and knowledge.He says  “I’ve become most proud of being a father and caring brother with one of the strongest mothers this world has ever known. Being an Oklahoma native, I’ve become a cannabis, fitness, and fashion enthusiast set on achieving success and living a life full of beautiful experiences. You’ll most likely Find me lost in music, rolling a pearl, and creating my next opportunity.”


 Ashton is one of our bud tenders at Sage. He has been with us since may of 2020. His passions include music, cannabis, and people. He is in multiple local bands and also works with other artists, helping them record their songs to vintage tape recorders.


Malakai enjoys live music, good company, dogs, & cannabis. They have been working with Sage for roughly two and a half years and enjoy every second of it. They’re passionate towards making unique relationships; as well as finding the right medicine for patients. Working in the cannabis industry has helped them with their social anxiety and being able to make meaningful connections. Malakai loves seeing all the different types of people come together to celebrate and appreciate the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. Malakai’s favorite part about working at Sage is being able to be a part of something that actually helps and changes peoples lives. Being a part of a community that accepts everyone is very important to them, and that’s why they chose Sage.


Trey has had a passion for cannabis since a young teen when it was illegal but by learning about the plant everyday he knew it could help so many people that couldn’t get access to it like other states could. It was a goal for Trey  to be working with it one day,  he is grateful to be part of a new industry in his hometown Oklahoma City, He enjoys helping his community to get the highest quality medicine and loves all the connections he has made with his team here at Sage Wellness and breaking the stigma around the plant we love and joy.


Meet Jaylon, Jaylon is a father and overall lover of the human race. He is passionate about building a lasting positive relationship with every living being that he encounters. “I believe you can learn and love something about every person that you meet in this life!” is his main philosophy, which can go hand and hand with cannabis. Jaylon values the relationships built through cannabis and the connections it could help create, as it has for centuries. “Life is precious, and cannabis is a natural part of life!” While relationships are the major driving force behind Jaylon’s motivation in the cannabis industry, but his main goal is to educate the patient on the benefits of what they are actually putting into their body, while helping destroy the negative stigma behind this wonderful plant.

Friendly Sage Wellness Employee holding a medical marijuana product

Who We Are

At Sage Wellness Cannabis Market it is our goal to provide the most iconic experience while we educate and lead our community into the pure benefits of Cannabis. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and chill vibe.

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About Us

We are Oklahoma City’s leading Local Cannabis Market. We have progressively built a team and a space that will allow you to feel relaxed and welcomed. Our founders were born and raised in Oklahoma. They know what Oklahoma’s cannabis wants and needs. Our founders are what has allowed a unique environment in one of the city’s historical buildings right here the heart of OKC. Come vibe with us in our lounge area, shop our elite line of CBD or enter our Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary. We are Sage Wellness Cannabis Market.

Our Products

Our product menu has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of all people and help maintain a healthy and balanced life through Cannabis. We offer only top quality cannabis products cultivated in Oklahoma. We have handpicked our innovative CBD products from the leading brands in the industry.